Hybrid Vigor

We’re in the peak of breeding season and our commercial and registered bucks are almost all in new homes where they will be improving herds of Kikos as well as commercial operations. For other Kiko herds it’s a chance to add some MRG genetics that have done so well for so many to help with parasite resistance, growth and maternals. So far we’ve sent registered bucks to PA, MD, NY and SC. Our commercial bucks have mostly been purchased by new and repeat customers throughout the Mountain State. We only have 3 bucks left if you’re still in need of a quality buck, please let us know.



Several of these customers are buying Kiko bucks to cross over their Boer does. We always get reports back on how thrifty and lively the kids are at birth and how they seem to chase their dams down for milk when they are born. Some have even said that this is an improvement over their Boer kids that have laid in the pen for 3 days after birth before getting up and moving around. This post isn’t meant to bash Boers as I know they are a few good ones out there too.

For the first time, we have sold a registered Kiko buck to a Savanna breeder to cover their Savanna does. He happens to be the biggest Kiko buck at his age that we have raised so far and is out of Sky High Kiss My Spot over a HEMI daughter. We are expecting great things out of the cross that our new customer in NY is experimenting with. A lot of folks are buying Savanna bucks and crossing them over their Kiko does and it seems to be working well. I have every reason to believe these folks will be successful using our Kiko buck over their Savanna does.

He seems to be enjoying his new job. Stay tuned………..

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