Disease free goats for sale

#1083 PB Kiko Doe

#1083 PB Kiko Doe

We have just recently had our entire herd tested by Washington State University / Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL)(http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/depts_waddl/) for CAE/CL/Johne’s and we are pleased to announce that all of the goats that we have advertised for sale now come University documented Negative to these three diseases!

We only have 1 of the 3 bucks remaining available for sale and had had several inquiries on our doelings for sale. Buy with confidence knowing that you aren’t bringing a disease home to your herd. We are still planning a trip south in the next few weeks and will have limited availability so please contact us soon if you would like to have one of these quality goats delivered to your farm.

Please see our Bucks for Sale and Does for Sale pages for more info And prices.

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