Disease free goats for sale

#1083 PB Kiko Doe

#1083 PB Kiko Doe

We have just recently had our entire herd tested by Washington State University / Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WADDL)(http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/depts_waddl/) for CAE/CL/Johne’s and we are pleased to announce that all of the goats that we have advertised for sale now come University documented Negative to these three diseases!

We only have 1 of the 3 bucks remaining available for sale and had had several inquiries on our doelings for sale. Buy with confidence knowing that you aren’t bringing a disease home to your herd. We are still planning a trip south in the next few weeks and will have limited availability so please contact us soon if you would like to have one of these quality goats delivered to your farm.

Please see our Bucks for Sale and Does for Sale pages for more info And prices.

2013- Kiko Bucklings & Doelings For Sale

We are planning a trip from WV to GA and will be delivering goats along the way.

We have selected three bucklings out of this year’s kid crop to offer as Herd Sire Prospects

GFI HEMI - son of Terminator's XX

GFI HEMI – son of Terminator’s XX (For Reference only)

100% NZ Kiko Buck #1111

100% NZ Kiko Buck #1111

#1111 – This is the 2013 model of a proven combination that always works. GFI HEMI (son of Terminator XX) on top and GFI Georgia (daughter of Keeper) on bottom. This same pairing produced MRG Diesel & MRG ‘GT’ in 2010 and #1099 and #1100 in 2012. The previous bucks have grown up to be massive and can be seen on our Facebook page under photos. This is the top buck of the 2013 crop.

100% NZ Kiko Buck #1080

100% NZ Kiko Buck #1080

#1080 is a flashy NZ Kiko buck by HEMI and a Loverboy granddaughter. He is very healthy and has never required any type of inputs or maintenance. He is a solid buck that would pass along great parasite resistance to your herd from his paternal grandsire Terminator’s XX. He will also pass along the size of his maternal grand and great grandsires; James Bond, Keeper, Loverboy, etc. This is one of two NZ bucks that we are offering for sale out of our 2013 kid crop.

PB Kiko Buck #1107

PB Kiko Buck #1107

#1107 is the only PB Kiko Buck that we are offering as a herd sire prospect from our 2013 kid crop. He is out of HEMI and a proven doe that is bulletproof.

#1119 100% NZ Kiko doeling  with a nice butt and good confirmation by HEMI out of by a doe with the following lines (Klondike/Confederate, Goliath, Goldmine IV, TNT Cody). This photo isn’t great but the doeling is one of the best from this year.


#1119 100% NZ Kiko Doe

#1112 is a Snow White New Zealand Kiko Doe by GFI HEMI out of GFI Georgia, our own Keeper daughter. Full sister to #1099 from 2012 who is filling out to be the nicest doe in our herd. She is bred to our Loverboy son.

#1112 100% NZ Kiko doe

#1112 100% NZ Kiko doe

#1106 is a 100% NZ Kiko Doe with the most unusual color pattern we’ve ever raised. She is black with the classic frosted Terminator nose and ears overlayed with brown polka dot spots and silver highlights throughout her body.

100% NZ Black Spotted Kiko Doe

#1106 100% NZ Black Spotted Kiko Doe

#1083 is a flashy black and white PB doeling out of Diesel and Sage. Diesel is one of the biggest HEMI sons that we have raised. His kids have been very strong and colorful. This is one of the top 3 PB does from this years kid crop. Her twin sister #1082 is below.

#1083 PB Kiko Doe

#1083 PB Kiko Doe

#1113 Tan PB Kiko Doeling by HEMI and Sadie. She has an identical twin sister, both of these girls are very nice and at the top of their class.


#1113 PB Kiko doe

#1114 Tan PB Kiko Doeling by HEMI and Sadie. She has an identical twin sister, both of these girls are very nice and at the top of their class.


#1111 PB Kiko Doe

#1103 is a Purebred Kiko doeling by HEMI out of Legs. Legs at 9 years old doe still has a great udder and she raised twins. She is also the oldest doe on the farm and a descendant of Southwest Cisco and a few JTV goats. More importantly her 2011 buck was one of the top 2 PB Kiko Bucklings on the MD Forage test for Parasite resistance and resilience and sold to Lincoln University in Mo.


#1103 PB Kiko Doe

#1102 is a Purebred Kiko doeling by HEMI out of Lil. Lil is out of Legs and a JTV Goliath son. [Legs 2011 buck was one of the top 2 PB Kiko Bucklings on the MD Forage test for Parasite resistance and resilience and sold to Lincoln University in Mo.]


#1102 PB Kiko Doe

#1082 is a PB doeling out of Diesel and Sage


#1082 PB Kiko Doe

This is a flashy Black and White Purebred Kiko Doeling out of Reece and Warsaw. Warsaw’s kids have all been very colorful and the does have been especially healthy.

Purebred Kiko Doeling

Purebred Kiko Doeling

4 month old White and Brown New Zealand doeling out of Warsaw and Tallulah (Terminator XX daughter)

Talulah's White/Brown NZ Doeling

Tallulah’s White/Brown NZ Doeling

SOLD – 4 month old Brown New Zealand doeling out of Warsaw and Tallulah (Terminator XX daughter)

Talulahs Brown NZ doeling

Tallulahs Brown NZ doeling

5 Month Old Great Pyrenees LGD

Colton and Bolt

Colton and Bolt

A few months ago we traded a nice Kiko buckling out of HEMI for an 8 week old solid white Great Pyrenees LGD pup in VA. It was the half way mark between our farm in WV and Richard Perry’s farm in NC. The buckling made the 4 hour trip in a dog kennel while the puppy somehow managed to split the time up between Lorie’s lap in the front seat and our 5 year old son Colton’s lap in the backseat.


Lorie and Bolt

This new addition has brought us to a grand total of 6 dogs on the farm; Four LGD’s and 2 pets. We believe that dogs are better in pairs. Our oldest pair of LGD’s are approaching seven years old. Large dogs have a shorter life expectancy than smaller dogs and LGD’s an even shorter one based on their line of work. We wanted to get a companion for our 3rd LGD and also have another mature LGD on staff before the inevitable happens with our aging pair of guardians.

We have started “Bolt” (the kids named him after the lead dog in one of their favorite movies) with his own group of weanling bucks. So far, we couldn’t be more pleased. He is a very alert dog and he is not afraid to bark and growl at our large German Shepherd male whenever he gets too close to the bucklings even though Bolt is half his size. The best part about Bolt and all GPs that we have been around is that our small children can approach them and handle them (even while eating) without any signs of aggression. They are truly an amazing breed of dog. We are so thankful for ours. We used to wake up in the middle of the night when the coyotes would start howling and go outside with a light and a gun. Now we just roll over and go back to sleep.


5 month old LGD

Here is a picture of Bolt from last night against our new HT barn lot fence. We haven’t had him on the scales but he is growing nicely.  Once he is a little bigger and the bucklings are sold, we’ll move him in with his adult companion to learn the ropes of patrolling a large pasture.


5 month old LGD

The HEMI buckling in NC has gained 25lbs on forage in the last 2-3 months 🙂 

6 mo old HEMI son

6 mo old HEMI son

NZ Buck moves to PA

Thanks Jim & Aileen !

#1127 has moved north into Pennsylvania to be the foundation herd sire for Jim & Aileen Myers of Irwin, Pa. We look for good things to come out of this young buck.

#1127 pictured about at 6 months old is a Black/Brown NZ Kiko Buck born 06-Dec-2011 by HKF Sonny Boy out of a GFI Klondike/Confederate and Hemps Negro Granddaughter. His twin sister is a tri-colored NZ Doe #1128 on our Does page. He is a half brother to ‘MRG Smooth Criminal’ (AKA MRG Outlaw), the highest selling buck at the NKR Elite Buck Sale in May 2012.

We have one Sonny Boy buck left for sale #1124 is a solid Red NZ buck who can bee seen on the for sale page. Don’t wait any longer for this nice young buck or it could be too late.

M.R. Goats Featured in the February 2013 Goat Rancher Magazine

M.R. Goats Featured in the February 2013 Goat Rancher Magazine

www.goatrancher.com Page 32 of the Equipment and Facilities Special Issue

Our farm has been awarded grant money for some of the infrastructure currently in use. When we saw the solicitation for an article regarding grants for farmers from the IKGA Secretary, we decided this was worth sharing. We know that not all of our blog readers are IKGA members or customers who have visited our farm in person so we wanted to make sure you had access to our information in hopes that it may also help you out. 

If you are an IKGA member, you can go to the IKGA Forum to view the entire newsletter. (http://www.theikga.org/forum1/index.php) For those of you who are not members, I have copied the article below for your viewing pleasure.

 M. R. Goats receives $5,000 grant from AWA

 M. R. Goats, owned and operated by Mike & Lorie Renick in Wild & Wonderful West Virginia, received a $5,000 grant from Animal Welfare Approved to provide mobile housing and handling equipment for their Kiko Goat operation. 


M.R. Goats is an 80-acre meat goat farm owned and operated by Mike and Lorie Renick inWorthington,West Virginia. The couple raised Kiko goats on pasture, but only had limited fixed structures to use as shelter which reduced the goats’ ability to rotationally graze year round. The Renicks approached AWA about funding mobile housing to allow the goats access to more acreage and forage, thereby improving the animals’ health.


They also requested a portable handling system to decrease handling time and reduce stress to the animals while performing maintenance such as microchips, ear tags, hoof trimming, and FAMACHA checks.


AWA granted $5,000 to M.R. Goats for Port-A-Hut mobile shelters and a working stand and chute for low-stress handling and transport. The Renicks’ goats now have 24/7 access to mobile housing units and are able to access all pastures for rotational grazing. “They are able to come and go as they please,” says Mike. “They are much healthier and have lower stress.”

The couple also purchased a 4’ x 8’ goat cage for transporting the goats both on and off the farm without over-crowding and injury.


Now in its fourth year, the Animal Welfare Approved Good Husbandry Grants program has funded nearly one hundred projects across the country to improve farm animal welfare. Certified farmers and those who have submitted an application for AWA certification may apply for up to $5,000 towards projects such as mobile housing, breeding stock, and on-farm processing equipment. Slaughter plants working with or seeking to work with AWA farmers are also eligible for funding.

The funding priorities for this year’s cycle include improved genetics, increased outdoor access, welfare improvements in the slaughter process and non-lethal predator control. A primary goal of this grant program is to facilitate the growth and success of high-welfare, pasture-based systems. Program Director Andrew Gunther explains: “The biggest challenge in agriculture right now is getting animals outside. The science tells us that when farm animals are responsibly managed on open pasture or range, a whole host of challenges inherent in industrial agriculture simply disappear. For instance, the incidence of pathogenic E. coli is much lower in pasture-based systems, and animals are proven to have higher welfare. This ultimately leads to more nutritious, healthier products.”

Proven Purebred Kiko Buck for sale

First $500 takes him.

Purebred Kiko Buck (Lightnin Grandson)

Pictured above is a photo of King Tritan when he was younger. He is a proven PB Kiko Buck that will add meat to your commercial operation. Don’t delay, if you need a buck call today, this one won’t last long!

King Tritan and two 1.5 year old sons

Pictured above is a photo of King Tritan from yesterday with two of his 1.5 year old sons. King Tritan is on the Left, one of his sons is pictured next to him and the other one is on the far right. The other buck is our 2 yr old HEMI son, Diesel pictured 2nd in from the Right. These bucks are on pasture. Delivery can be arranged for a few on our way to Corydon, IN Oct 4th.