3 goats to 3 states

Kiko Goat Delivery



When we selected 3 bucks out of our 2013 kid crop this year we never expected to sell all 3 of them on the same day. Starting this afternoon we will be heading South delivering goats along the East Coast. Deals were made for each of the 3 bucks on different days but we were able to arrange for the delivery all during the same trip. This saves us time and saves our customers time and money.

Our first delivery will actually be for the last sale of the 3 goats. We will be delivering him to Southern West Virginia. We made a deal for the sale of the first buck to Georgia. Once we knew we were heading South, we started advertising that delivery would be available along our route during this time frame. Shortly thereafter, our second sale was made to Virginia. And finally last night, we were contacted by a customer in WV who wanted our remaining buck.

We are excited about the trip but no as much about the weather. We’re excited to get more of our quality genetics dispersed to other herds to make positive impacts on them. We are also glad to be able to stop and visit with some friends along the way.