Appalachian Kiko Invitational Sale

Checking out after the auction

We had a great time at the Appalachian Kiko Invitational Sale in Gray, TN on September 22nd. We had a chance to catch up with some old friends and meet a few new ones. My appologies to all of the folks we met that asked for business cards. I left them at home again. Fortunately we had an ad in the Sept. Goat Rancher Magazine that Terry Hankins was generous enough to bring to the event. I was able to pick up the Goat Rancher and flip to the back and show off our ad with contact information.

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to see it, here it is:

September Goat Rancher Ad

We went to the sale to buy a specific group of goats and those are the ones that we came home with. It doesn’t always work out that way but it seems on that day, we were the ones who wanted them the most. This day also happened to be a milestone birthday for Lorie. Lucky for me, she wanted these beautiful NZ Doelings for her present(s).

4 Colorful NZ Kiko Does

This group of 4 colorful NZ Doelings came from our friends Jerry and Patricia Hancock from Hancock Kikos in Ga. We’ve known these folks for years and were excited to add more of their herd’s genetics to ours.

Lorie, Mike, Pat, Jerry from (L) to (R)

While Mason and Lorie took a nap in the truck, Colton found ways to stay entertained while I stood in line to checkout after the sale.

Colton staying busy after the sale.

Thanks again to our customers that we met in route to TN. We are appreciative that you have recognized the quality we have sought out in our herd and decided to use them in your respective breeding programs. We will be traveling SouthWest again next week on on way to the Cream of the Crop sale in Corydon, IN. We still have a few goats left for sale and will also have room for transport in both directions.

Goat Delivery Available Sept. 21st & 22nd WV, VA, TN


Goat Delivery

On Friday September 21st, 2012 we will be heading to Gray, TN for the Appalachian Kiko Invitational Sale. We have sold a PB Kiko Buck of our own that we will be delivering on the way down. We also have 2 other tentative deliveries to make on the way down. If you are looking for a good Kiko Buck for this Fall’s breeding and would like to meet us on our route, please give us a call to see what is available. Our website and blog for sale pages are not up to date. We do have a few doelings and bred does also available. We should also have some room on our way home to haul goats if anyone is interested in a goat at the sale but are unable to get them home, feel free to reach out to us for availability.


Goat Transfer

A few weeks ago we arranged to sell a trailer load of goats to a friend of ours who has a barn where he feeds them before transporting them to the New Holland, PA livestock auction at peak times during the year. Ed and Becky Morgan run Quicken Farm near Romney, WV. It’s about a 3 hours drive for us but Ed was kind enough to meet us part way. Ed has a nice setup where he brings his digital livestock scale on his truck and then weighs the goats individually as they pass from our trailer to his larger gooseneck trailer. He also brings his checkbook and pays you on the spot for the goats. I’m sure we got a few funny looks as we sat there along that busy Frostburg, MD road transferring goats from trailer to trailer but I never noticed once as I watched the scales. Ed pays within a few cents of New Holland prices and that is just fine with us. We saved several hours in a truck and a hotel stay. We sold everything from 50% buckling to Purebred Kiko Bucklings that weren’t up to our breeding stock standards and a coupe of mature does that had stubborn hoof issues that we cannot tolerate. Those does and their kids both went on the trailer just to be safe.

When I arranged to meet Ed in MD I immediately started looking around for some hay local to that area. I knew that it was more expensive to bring the trailer back empty than it would be to fill it full of really good second cutting square bales. I was able to locate just enough to fill the trailer and give me something to do when I got home. We actually didn’t get home until very late that night because we also crammed in a visit with some family members just to keep us from sitting still too long that day. The hay got put in the barn the next morning and I’m sure the does will enjoy it this winter as they start kidding in January.