‘MRG Smooth Criminal’ Tops NKR Elite Buck Sale!

MRG Smooth Criminal


MRG Smooth Criminal was the high selling buck at the NKR Elite Buck Sale on May 19th in Springfield, Mo. His proud new owners are Kraig Stemme, DVM and Jay Haggerty of Lake Fork Kikos. MRG Smooth Criminal will have his work cut out for him this fall breeding some of the best doelings from the NKR Spotlight Sale who will also be going to Lake Fork Kikos along with the outstanding lineup that they already had in their breeding program. We are super excited to see his kids when bred to these exceptional does. Congratulations once again to Lake Fork Kikos!

We would also like to say thanks to everyone at the NKR for putting on such a great event. The materials were first class, the seminars were outstanding, the sale barn was well laid out and managed, the goat meat meals were delicious, and the comradery made the old and  new breeders feel most welcomed. We were able to catch up with some old friends and meet several new ones that we hope to see again this fall. It was standing room only once the auction time rolled around and bidding continued through the last doe offered in the sale.

Overall the entire event was ran like a well oiled machine by a group of unmatched professionals. We’d try to thank everyone individually but would be afraid of inadvertently leaving someone out. We’ll try and get a few more photos and information on our website and blog as soon as we can.

We’ve stopped in Corydon, Indiana at the halfway point on our return trip home. Corydon also happens to be the home of the annual fall NKR Cream of the Crop sale. We hope to make it to that sale this year and this time we’ll be able to pull the trailer in anticipation of filling it up for the ride home.

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